About Us

The World of Fish and Pets is a family run business run by Brendan, Suzanne and our son Kyle. We are all animal mad (as most people know!).

We started up in 2004 in a tiny shop a few doors away, and in 2011 moved into our big double shop. The business has gone from strength to strength, with customers appreciating our honest advice and the fact that most animals in the shop have been bred by us. We can give new owners a wealth of knowledge on their particular animal and help with any problems they may have in the future. We have kept so many species over the years and this really helps us to give trustworthy advice to our customers.

We stock a huge range of tarantulas, many bred by Kyle. This is a really growing market, with lots of people now collecting spiders and scorpions. They are very addictive!

We stock coldwater, tropical aquatics and all the accessories for them. We also have everything you would need for dogs and cats. We have a big wild bird section with foods and feeders, as well as a parrot and small bird section with cages, toys and foods for our feathered friends 

Half of our premises is dedicated to reptiles including vivariums, decorations, equipment, live foods and the animals themselves!

When you first come in the shop you will see straight away that it’s not like any other reptile shop. The shop is themed like a jungle, with plants and feature vivariums; we even have a cave!

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our site or in store please ask us. We can usually get you what you want from our suppliers or, if it’s an usual reptile, we regularly attend all the European shows so can source most things.