Leopard Gecko Guide

Leopard Gecko Guide


Leopard gecko's come from desert areas of Pakistan and Asia they are different to most other Gecko species due to the fact they have movable eyelids unlike others in the Gecko family.

Geck's are crepuscular animals meaning thy come out at dusk and dawn in the day when it is extremely hot they shelter in burrows under the soil they are solitary animals usually with males being very aggressive to other males in their territory, they have the ability to drop their tail if they are in a vulnerable position so as to distract the predator from themselves as the tail will be wriggling madly around attracting the predator and giving the Gecko time to run away this tail will grow back a little as a stump.

Geckos are egg layers and they are animals that have temperature determination sex determination this meaning that at low temperatures and very high temperatures females usually hatch , average moderate temperature to normal give males
Geckos eat insects usually crickets, worms, grasshoppers in te wild they eat a variety of different insect.

Leopard Gecko equipment list

  • 2 ft vivarium for babies or for just one, 3 ft for adults or if keeping more than a couple of Gecko's 
  • Red heat bulb ( must be red as this is a nocturnal bulb, red is a simulation of moon light and does not hurt night time animals eyes ) 
  • Dimming thermostat , essesntial to get the right temperature and to keep that temperature steady without one you can cook your pet!!
  • Llight bulb fitting 
  • Sand for substrate (if baby do not use sand )
  • Decoration , usually 2 hides one each end , one hide should be a moist hide with moss in it to aid shedding 
  • Calcium, usually 3-4 days a week
  • Nutrabol, vitamins usually 2 days a week 
  • Geckos eat a variety of different insects most people use crickets as their main food source as they are active at night like the Gecko