Guide to keeping Veiled Chameleons

Guide to keeping Veiled Chameleons


Veiled Chameleons (Chamaeleo Calyptratus) is a large species of Chameleon from mountain regions of Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

This Chameleon is mostly green but can show spots or stripes depending on the animals mood, they change colour when ready for breeding, females after breeding change to show blue and yellow spots on their green background when Chameleons are stressed or ill they change to a dark colour.

Males are larger and have a larger head casque they can reach up to overall lengths of 24 inches and are easy to sex from hatching as males have small spurs on their rear feet.

Females are usually around 14-18 inches 

Like all Chameleons their eyes work independently of each other so they can see front and back at the same time , their feet are designed for climbing with little claws to grib onto the high branches they live in their tail is a big factor in their life it is prehensile acting as a fifth leg to hold on with.

All Chameleons have a long tongue which is sort of sticky at the end this is where the muscle is that can grip their prey they eat a multitude of different insects that they catch by sitting really still and waiting for the prey to stroll by them 

They eat plants in the wild but this is usually in times of draughts to provide extra water in captivity the humidity should always be amble so this may not happen.

Chameleons do not drink from the floor they only drink when it rains then they drink from the leaves 

Chameleons do not live long lives on avreage a veiled male will live around 5-7 yrs, females 4-6 yrs this is due to the fact they breed young and can have large clutches of eggs up to 70 eggs at a time , Chameleons can retain spem so can lay further fetile clutches from only one mating

They make good pets for someone that does not want to handle the animal much as this does stress them they also meed time spent on them to maintain the current temperatures and humidity they need

In captivity babies are usually kept in a small enclosure for up to around 4-5 months old then move them up to either a Chameleon designed vivarium with extra ventilation for humidity or a reptibreeze/ flexarium (mesh enclosure)

A usual cage for an adult is 3ft high by 2x2feet 

Spraying with water should be done around twice a day to keep humidity at around 60%

Temperature under basking spotlight should be around 84-86 degrees for a baby with up to 88-92 over 6mths old

Chameleon Checklist

Adult Veiled 

  • 3x2x2 vivarium or flexarium/reptibreeze
  • light bulb , light bulb fitting
  • Dimming thermostat ( controls the heat bulb essential for keeping temperatures steady )
  • Uvb bulb and u.v starter (essential for reptiles to get vitamin d3 in their body so they can then asborb calcium)
  • thermometer ( this needs to be right under the basking bulb to monitor temperatures)
  • Hydrometer ( to measure humidity )
  • substrate, orchid bark to help keep humidity up
  • decoration , lots of branches to climb on and loads of real or plastic plants to drink off 
  • calcium x 3 days a week ,nutrabol x 2  days a week

Baby Veiled

  • exo terra terrarium 
  • lamp shade , basking bulb 
  • same as above