Tropical Fish

Here at the world of fish and pets aquatics are a passionate hobby of ours,breeding quite a few of fish ourselves that are available for purchase in the shop we aim to offer top quality fish both big and small. Many fish can be sourced if we do not already have them in store. Check our facebook and instagram page for regular photos of the stock we currently have.

Neon tetra

Neons £1 each 12 for £10


Orange seam pleco L106

Orange seam pleco L106

3.5 inch individuals available £17.99 05/04/15

Red line torpedo barb

Brilliant shoaling fish very active and grows to impressive sizes.

£5.99 each

Siamese fighting fish

Stunning fish many colours normally available £4 each

Silver hatchet fish

Brilliant unusual community fish £2.99 each

Snowball pleco L201

3.5 inch sub adults available ##stunning## £28.99 each

Sucking loach

Sucking loach

£2.50 each or 3 for £6 


Tiger oscars

2.5/3 inch specimens £5.99 each or 3 for £16


Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish

Stock changes very quickly but this is our usual stock list. Small fish like Tetras etc range from £1.

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