New stock in today

We have had in today some more pied veiled Chameleons these are really pretty little things the pied means they are lacking some pigment they basically have translucent patches on their body it makes them look really odd we have also had some Goliath birdeater Tarantulas in at last we have been trying to get some more for ages these we expect will sell out really quick again we also had in some fire bellied toads , Chile rose Tarantulas and have another big shipment of Tarantulas due in on Friday along with some Centipedes and Scorpions 

 Last week we had some nice things in like a male granite Burmese Python, normal Burmese Pythons, caramel Carpet Python, Kenyan pygmy Chameleons

 The website is under construction from next week we are trying to get it more user friendly for you and me!!

We are working on the video's of setting up reptile vivariums we have done a few on you tube and Facebook though if you want to take a look there is a good one of the Croc moving into a new enclosure