More new Reptiles have arrived in Birmingham! a new enclosure

We have had another large order in of Reptiles today we have had in some rare Chameleons like blue eyed Pygmy chams, Jackson Chameleons, large Fischer Chameleon, nosey bee panther Chameleon, also in today a really cute little Hognose snake, grown on green Iguanas, baby Bosc Monitors, cane toad, emperor Scorpions are back in stock we have been waiting for these for months they are really getting scarce to find, we have a tiny little centipede in for experienced owners only due to their venom! 

We have changed the Chameleon area in the shop and now have reptibreezes and flexariums for all the Chameleons that need this type of set up namely being the montane species as they like cool temps with a very steep drop of temperature at night.

We have had a lot of new customers in this week coming from all over the Birmingham area to look at what Reptiles we have for sale and also the Aquatics have been very popular it seem a lot of people are setting up fish tanks at the moment.