News update 23/9/12

News update 23/9/12

 The new website is now up and running and hopefully should be updated every week. We'll keep you up to date on whats happening in the shop and new animals and any other important updates. Autumn is now here which means the weather is colder and shorter days. The past few weeks have been quite busy though, as people are now off holiday and want some new animals. We have lots of baby Bearded Dragons now in stock, as many have been breeding. Also some really nice Crested Geckos! Corn snake morphs now in stock as well, some pretty ghost Corn snakes in. We are having lots of sales on the Tropical Fish at the moment!! 

Neons now only 80p.

Guppies now only £1.25.

Also a BIG offer on baby Hedgehogs at the moment!

Baby Hedgehogs were £150, now only £100 for a limited time only! 

So come in and check out the shop and talk to us and pick yourself up a nice amimal today!

African Pygmy Hedgehogs now only £100!

African pygmy hedgehogs were £150, now reduced down to £100 for a limited time only. Don't miss out on this, come into the shop and get yours now!

Reptile videos, small animal videos and care guides coming soon

We are going to start producing some videos showing how we set up vivariums for Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Geckos, Snakes, Tortoises, Tarantulas to help our customers when they get home with their new purchases make sure they are doing everything the same as us to make sure their new pet settles in quickly and happily we will also be telling you the right equipment you'll need for each species, we will also be showing some videos and care guide for other animals such as Chickens, Ferrets, African pygmy Door mice, Parrots and many other rarer kept pets. There will also be a section on aquatic keeping again telling you the best and quickest way to set up cold water or tropical fish tanks and the products you 'll need  to get you started and care guides to what species of fish can live together, we will also be designing tanks to give you some ideas for tank themes, it should be an exciting time and hopefully will be helpful to our customers new and old.

You can find the care guides in Reptiles, small animals, Aquatics and bird categories.

New Reptiles in today


We have loads of new animals coming on over the next couple of days, today we have had in an earless dragon these are like teeny tiny Bearded Dragons he is bright red, we also have had a lot of corn snakes like Amel motley corn snake this one is stunning it is bright red and spotty, Carolina corns one is stunning and bright red, amel corns, snow corns we also have loads of baby Bearded dragon babies in and Yemen Chameleons, tomorrow we have a big order of rare Chameleons and snakes like Hognose, carpet Python, also a cane Toad, centipede, Bosc Monitor, green Iguana and more.

More new Reptiles have arrived in Birmingham! a new enclosure

We have had another large order in of Reptiles today we have had in some rare Chameleons like blue eyed Pygmy chams, Jackson Chameleons, large Fischer Chameleon, nosey bee panther Chameleon, also in today a really cute little Hognose snake, grown on green Iguanas, baby Bosc Monitors, cane toad, emperor Scorpions are back in stock we have been waiting for these for months they are really getting scarce to find, we have a tiny little centipede in for experienced owners only due to their venom! 

We have changed the Chameleon area in the shop and now have reptibreezes and flexariums for all the Chameleons that need this type of set up namely being the montane species as they like cool temps with a very steep drop of temperature at night.

We have had a lot of new customers in this week coming from all over the Birmingham area to look at what Reptiles we have for sale and also the Aquatics have been very popular it seem a lot of people are setting up fish tanks at the moment.