Lots of reptiles reduced

We have alot of animals reduced to clear way for lots of new stock due in,

Horsefield Tortoises £75 normally £110

Red foot Tortoise £95 normally £115

Blue tongue Skink £100 normally £125

Albino fat tail Gecko adult male £45 was £65

Barking Gecko £70 was £99.99

Adult Royals £80 was £115

Rehome Bearded Dragons £20 

Fire Salamanders £17.99 was £24.99

we are also giving a free Bearded Dragon away with every full set up purchased 

Loads of new things happening in store this week!!

We have at last started our loyality scheme up, 

for every £10 spent on anything you will get 1 stamp collect 10 stamps to get £10 credit to spend on anything in store excluding dog food and treats


We are also asking customers if they want to leave their email address as we are starting up a monthly news letter to email out to all our customers with different email only offers and hints and tips 



Baby Parrots

School holidays are in full force we are mega busy in the shop every week we seem to be breaking more records with customers coming in every week.

We now have baby Parrots in the shop we have some red lored Amazons that are 9 weeks old and a baby Hahns Macaw 12 weeks old so we now spend hours every day playing with them and feeding them, the Amazons still have a bit of baby food spoon fed to them every day its a very messy business we are now stocking loads for Parrots too including a huge range of Parrot toys  and foods we stock a wide range of pellet foods and also a lot of Rob Harvey products including all the soaking seeds and sugar cane and palm nuts We have loads of new snakes in at the moment including Burmese Pythons, blood Pythons, Dwarf Boas, loads of different morphs of Corn snakes etc.

Skinny Pigs

Skinny Pigs.