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The World of Fish and Pets

Baby green and red iguanas finally back in stock, lovely well established babies that are eating anything green in sight!

We have 2 chuckwalla's in at the moment. Quite a rare lizard that we havent had in storefor a good few years. Only 2 sub adults available looking like a pair(photos can be seen on our facebook page) £160 each

we have a number of adult corn snakes for sale in store at the moment in various colours such as amel, butter, snow, anery all of them are brilliant feeders and very friendly. Prices starting from £45

Baby blue tongue skink available. Only the one and must say he is gorgeous, quite friendly but can be a little nervous bit will make an excellent pet for someone. He will eat literally anything!



The World of Fish and Pets is a family run reptile shop in Birmingham, run by Brendan, Suzanne and our son Kyle. We are all animal mad (as most people know!).

We started up in 2004 in a tiny shop a few doors away, and in 2011 moved into our big double shop. The business has gone from strength to strength, with customers appreciating our honest advice and the fact that most animals in the shop have been bred by us. We can give new owners a wealth of knowledge on their particular animal and help with any problems they may have in the future. We have kept so many species over the years and this really helps us to give trustworthy advice to our customers.

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